My Story

My name is Andy and I live in Whitley Bay now with my wife and daughter having previously lived in Kendal Cumbria where I owned and ran my own Gym for 18 years.

I have been practicing Bowen for many years now.  I found this amazing therapy when I suffered from a bad back and shoulder, it changed my life. 

I received Bowen therapy and felt like a new man! I had to know more, and so I began training to become a Bowen Therapist. 

That was twelve years ago now, and since then I have helped so many people with varying injuries and health issues back to full health.
See what my clients have to say over on my Testimonials page, some are quite long but well worth a read.  I'm looking forward to helping you if you need it. 

Bowen is a soft tissue (Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons, Fascia and Nerves) therapy, there are NO huge manipulations to Crack Neck, Shoulders or Spine etc! 

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy has positive results with people of all ages, most cases are chronic or acute pain, from mild to severe but during the pandemic we have found a large increase in clients with anxiety, depression and grief.

Bowen Therapy addresses and affects the whole body. Bowen therapist's address not just the area of pain (or problem) of a particular part of the body, benefits occur throughout, releasing your body back into balance so your body can heal itself.

Benefits include a speedy recovery, better posture, freer joints, relief of physical and emotional stress, and improved overall health, performance and energy levels.

This amazing technique was developed by the hard work and enormous study done by the late Tom Bowen. He was born in Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia in 1916, brought up in Geelong, Victoria, and became a highly skilled, self-taught therapist. Bowen died in 1982.

To date, Bowen Therapy is practised in 36 countries and taught in over 25. In 1975, the Australian Government inquiry into alternative health practices determined that Bowen was successfully treating an astonishing 13,000 patients a year using Bowen Therapy. The therapy was yielding results of an amazing 80 to 85% success rate, often with only one or two sessions.


You and your Bowen treatment


A Bowen session normally consists of the therapist performing small sequential moves that cross fibres, muscles, tendons and ligaments at specific points on your body, releasing muscle tension and creating a fascial unwinding.  Therapists will perform moves on the skin for best results, but it is possible to work through light clothing, either way you will always have a cover over you. These small moves generate a resonance/vibration through the tissue/fascia, releasing the structures that are creating your issue.

Intermittent wait periods between each sequence allow your body time to take up the instruction given; the total Bowen session usually takes at least 60 minutes, depending on the issue. Treatments may continue to work on your body for up to three days. Improvement may be felt after the first session, but the optimum regime is to return five to ten days later for a follow-up treatment depending on your response.

Many inroads have been made in recent years with research projects evaluating the effectiveness of the Bowen Technique.


How safe is it?


Evidence shows the Bowen Technique is safe to use on anyone, no matter their age or physical condition; from the new-born to the elderly, from those with disabilities or chronic illness to the competitive athlete.  Tom Bowen treated 13,000 patients per year, and is backed up by the experience of thousands of other practitioners since.


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