Please note that i am Not a Physio Therapist, all negative comments toward Physio Therapy are in my genuine clients own words!


"To introduce myself, my name is James Ellison, I am a 32 year old professional motorcycle racer from Kendal in Cumbria.
The first time I heard of Bowen Technique, I was In the Gym I use in Kendal (Pride Health and Fitness) the owner there Andy Wildsmith Pattison, to give him his full title, is a Bowen Technique practitioner.

On this particular day I was in some considerable pain and Andy offered me a treatment.
I can safely say that the only regret I have about Bowen is not finding out about it sooner.

As a professional motorcycle racer my body goes through an extreme amount of stress on the race track, in the gym and during endless hours on a bicycle in preparation for each race.
Besides this continuous stress I have had my fair share of crashes (some at over 180mph) including breaking my right femur and having my left medial meniscus removed just a few years ago.
As you can imagine this in itself causes lots of imbalances and general tightness around the body.
Over time I have had lots of Physiotherapy treatments including deep tissue, Pressure Point, Acupuncture and a lot of painkillers none of which seem to have any immediate relief or long term benefits.
I tried Bowen for the first time when I was in severe pain in my lower back from a trapped nerve that had flared up, it had been troubling me on and off for as long as i can remember; after my first treatment I could not believe how good I felt, not just in that one problem area which had been cured but all over, all my niggling pains seemed to have subsided considerably.
I continue to go back just to stay on top of things as its vital to stay sharp for my career. I have never felt so good and will continue to recommend it to anyone looking for pain relief or even just wanting to improve their quality of life.
We need to all spread the word, this technique really is life changing!

James Ellison 32.
Current British Superbike Racer
1 time British Champion
2 times European Champion
1 time World Champion

I have been a Bowen Practitioner for 5 years & previously had a Beauty Business for 21 years.

Whilst on holiday I was in desperate need of a Bowen treatment and Andy very kindly fitted me in. He immediately put me at ease during the consultation and treatment commenced. I was extremely relaxed and dozed off a couple of times. Andy was treating my insomnia and that evening after treatment, I got a full 7 hours sleep! I also felt realigned which is a wonderful feeling.

I can highly recommend Andy as Bowen Practitioner.
Dawn Holland

"Andy gave me a Bowen treatment to help me with lower back pain that I was suffering from.

He took the time to understand what the problem was and ensured I was comfortable.

The treatment itself was very relaxing. I was experiencing a lot of stress so having the treatment not only helped me physically but also mentally as it gave me the opportunity to have some much needed peace and relaxation as well.

Andy really wants to help and truly cares about using his Bowen skills to improve your health which comes through in his treatments."     


"Andy, Thank you so much for the great work you have done in remediating my lower back issues
As you know I have endured sciatic type symptoms for some time and it is so good to be pain free and fully active after seeing you for Bowen Technique treatments.
As an experienced Remedial Therapist and Bowen Practitioner myself I fully appreciate the level of professional insight and skill that you offer.
In my case the combination of recent trauma and long term age related deterioration of tissue in the lumbar spine and  sacrum area presented you with a complex problem.

I am impressed that you solved it so quickly and so completely."  


"After suffering lower back pain on and off for years and years and numerous visits to various physiotherapists, I decided to give Bowen a try after having it recommended by a work colleague.

I researched many practitioners but knowing Andy from my local gym I felt more comfortable going to him as I didn’t really know what to expect.
After a consultation and discussion over my general health, Andy took one look at the way I was standing / holding myself and said straight away the issue was coming from an old injury in my knee causing problems with my posture which in turn was causing the back pain.
Never in all my previous consultations with physiotherapists had they even considered my posture or asked about previous injuries so I had never thought to mention my knee - yet Andy picked up on this straight away.
One session later he was able to say how many sessions would be needed rather than the “we will see how it goes on a weekly basis” which is what I had normally been told.
If I recall correctly I had 3 or 4 sessions but the improvement after the first was instant, after session 4 I felt like I had never suffered a back pain.
The therapy itself is so relaxing and not like the usual pain I had put myself through during previous physiotherapy.
If I’m completely honest, halfway through the first session I thought “this can’t be doing any good there is not enough pressure being applied “ however as stated above, the results after that session we’re almost immediate.
I cannot recommend Bowen enough and if like me your a bit skeptical I can’t stress enough to give it a try, you won’t regret it.
My only issue now is that he lives nowhere near me anymore and with a fresh Injury at the moment I wouldn’t have hesitated to go back. Andy however has still been more than helpful in recommending local practitioners to me who I will most definitely be contacting."  


"I went to see Andy at Bowen Technique after experiencing severe pain in my knee after running the GNR. 

After having to crawl up and down stairs and not be able to put any weight down on it, I came out of my session with very little pain. 

Andy was extremely professional and took his time and ensured  I felt comfortable throughout the session. 

After two sessions I was pain free and I have never had any pain issues with my knee again. 

I would not hesitate to get booked in with Andy again for any future issues I may have, and I would highly recommend him."  


"Pregnancy can be a tough time for any woman, especially a first timer at 30 years old. 

I’ve been an athlete my entire life and not used to sitting still for very long. However, that all changed when I hit 25 weeks gestation. For over 10 days straight, I endured shooting pains up both my left and right sides. When I spoke to my midwife she said it was a normal occurrence that was merely down to the way the baby was positioned, that he was possibly sitting on a nerve or two.

My other half had been using Andy and his Bowen technique for quite some time by then and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to book in with him. At that point I was willing to give anything a go.

No word of a lie, after spending 45 minutes with Andy and his magic hands/technique, I stood up as a new woman. Although it may sound strange, the first thing I said to him was that I didn’t feel the weight of being pregnant any longer.

3 hours later, James and I were at one of our parenting classes, that particular one relating to physio during the pregnancy and labor processes. When the instructor had us all stand up to compare our postures, she pointed me out of a group of about 10 women and said I was the only one who was stood correctly. Without a doubt in my mind I would not have been noticed had I not been treated with the Bowen technique that very day.

Needless to say, I am hitting 30 weeks in 2 days and those pains I experienced in my second trimester have yet to reappear. I’ve got the usual lower backache from my ligaments in my pelvis loosening... for which I plan on visiting Andy again very soon!

*** Definitely recommend for pregnant women to help keep their sanity, and treatable aches and pains in check!!***"

Sarah Ellison

My experience with Andy was great, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I met with Andy to see if he could help with ongoing issues I had with my ME/CFS.

During the consultation he took in every aspect of the problem and also noted some of his own he could see/ notice from what I’d said. From there I had weekly sessions to help with back and leg pain and also to help my slightly out of place hip which is the problem he noticed. I cannot tell you the difference he made.

After each session he explained how I would feel in the coming days, what to do and suggestions to what could help that recovery period. I find a lot of places send you away not knowing what to expect, with Andy that wasn’t the case.

Overall, my experience with him was amazing.  His prices were very fair and affordable and absolutely worth it. I couldn’t recommend him enough. 


Before I had Bowen I had tried many alternatives & GP recommended treatments for the pain in my hip, lower back, neck and shoulders – nothing had worked very well.

I was told about Bowen and I can only tell you that after being very skeptical I was amazed and eternally grateful to Andy for the Bowen Treatment he provided me.

I'm now fine most of the time. Occasionally I get a few “niggles” but nowhere near anything that I used to experience.

Initially Andy and I had a consultation, where he identified the specific problems. Following this initial consultation I had my first Bowen treatment. At first I thought "this is not going to work" I didn't understand what was happening, but after a very calming, relaxing and peaceful experience I realized there was something to this. To say that I felt “taller” following this treatment would be an understatement.

My mind was free of all worry and I felt very little pain. Subsequent treatments all produced the same amazing effect. I would highly recommend Andy & his Bowen Technique.


Andy is a lovely friendly , easy to talk to professional. Sometimes when you have to take your clothes off In front of a therapist you don't know - it is awkward and uncomfortable. Andy somehow makes it easy. He gives a thorough assessment of what your problems are and whether he can help. He explains how Bowen works and exactly what it entails. 

I went to him first with sciatica. I was in agony at times and had tried all sorts without much success.  After the first treatment I did wonder how it could do anything as he didn't seem to be doing much. Waiting between the sequence of pressing on certain points of your body became very relaxing and I must confess I nodded off a few times!

Even after my first treatment I felt better, both physically and mentally. Andy is very honest. He discusses how you feel and whether it's working for you after every treatment. He cured my sciatica and worked on other parts of my body that I wasn't aware could potentially become a problem.

He managed to correct my posture with his Bowen treatments and by giving me simple exercises to do.

I had a very stressful life when I was getting treatment from Andy. My daughter was extremely challenging and I found myself confiding in Andy. He was certainly more than a Bowen therapist. He helped me through some extremely difficult times.
My daughter was having a lot of problems. At the time she didn't have a diagnosis. She was under all sorts of specialists but they didn't give me much hope for her. Andy took Ruby on as a client .  
Ruby was about 9 when Andy first saw her, she was struggling to walk and had problems with urinary tract infections, continually wetting herself. Her balance was dreadful and she was forever falling over or just suddenly collapsing . 
Andy made a real connection with Ruby and he gave her regular treatments. She was a stubborn feisty girl and was refusing to do anything with me but Andy got her doing regular exercises and her balance improved dramatically. He even had her walking and doing a few sessions in the gym. I was amazed what a difference he made to Ruby's life. The Bowen treatments sorted out her bladder problems and improved her mobility. Andy also persuaded Ruby to drink more water and discussed diet that would also help her. 
Sadly Ruby has HSP SPG type 5 A which is a rare degenerative condition. She was diagnosed when she was 15. I wish Andy was still in this area. I miss him so much!  He worked wonders with his Bowen treatments but I also miss him as a councellor.
He treats you as a whole person helping physically and mentally in a most gentle and professional way.



Wednesday, 5 January

A surprisingly pleasant day for early January as I set off for my shift at Oxfam rather earlier than usual. There had been a delivery of books – about 30 boxes – late the previous afternoon so I was not surprised when our volunteer assistant manager asked me if I would move them upstairs to be sorted. Not a problem, I thought to myself. As one of the few male volunteers working in the bookshop, and certainly one of the youngest and, I believed, the fittest, I frequently was asked to do the lifting and carrying.

The books were in cardboard boxes stacked at the bottom of the stairs so had to be carried first into the back room and put into the service lift. Putting them in was not a problem as the lift was at waist height, taking them out in the upstairs room, however, was less easy as the lift there was at floor level so necessitated bending, lifting and twisting – the worst possible combination of moves – as I was about to discover.

I managed the first twenty or so boxes relatively easy, but then the damage occurred.

At first it just felt like a twinge, similar to those I had experienced in the past as I weakened my back in the 6th Form – 43 years ago – when doing unsupervised weight-training, but that’s another story!

From the semi-squatting position I was in I had to drop the box and try to straighten up my spine. It was painful but no more so than on previous occasions, or so I thought. I managed to stand up and just massaged the small of my back where the pain seemed to be coming from. I twisted one way and then the other to try to relieve the niggling pain but to no avail.

I rarely take painkillers but on this occasion I asked for a couple of paracetamol and continued with my shift behind the counter, serving customers but not lifting more books. In hindsight I should have gone home then – it was about 9.30 am, but instead I remained at work and pretended all was OK, after all I was a fit, young 61 year old working alongside ladies in their 70’s and 80’s (plus one lady aged 91 years).

When my shift ended at 1.00 pm I struggled a bit to walk the half mile or so back home, but as my son David was calling to see us later in the day I tried to put the pain out of my mind. My wife Pam knew something was wrong as I didn’t attempt to go to the gym that afternoon but of course she didn’t realize the extent of the injury I had caused myself, and nor did I. I made light of the problem to my son and even managed to walk to Wetherspoons and back with him for a drink before our evening meal. Almost certainly another mistake. David should have been getting the train from Oxenholme back to Manchester at 7.00 am the following day and it had been my intention to drive him. By early evening though my back was stiffening up and I could find no way to ease it. Fortunately David managed to get a train from Kendal as he knew I was in no condition to drive him to Oxenholme.

Thursday, 6 January

Sleep was difficult last night and by morning the pain was more severe, so much so that I made an appointment to see the doctor the following day and then went back to bed. Somehow I did manage to sleep, probably through exhaustion.

Friday, 7 January

Pain was so severe through the night that by 8.00am Pam rang the doctor. I was literally screaming in pain by now and the doctors’ receptionist could hear me on the telephone and ordered an ambulance immediately.

It arrived quickly and I was taken to hospital. The pain was excruciating and I thought my back was actually broken. The gas and air I was given did nothing to reduce the pain and merely made me vomit. Lying on the trolley in the corridor I was in agony. A young junior house doctor did an initial examination. I was given morphine which dulled the pain but did not stop it. A & E was exceptionally busy and it was some time before I was placed in a cubicle. Gradually the morphine and gas and air began to work. By this time it was early evening and my daughter and son-in-law arrived from Manchester. By about 10pm a bed had been found for me on one of the wards and after further morphine I managed to get to sleep.

Saturday 8 January

The pain had subsided a little by morning and I felt better knowing Pam was visiting in the afternoon. She arrived with Cathy and David after having booked a room in a local hotel so she could stay the night. Prior to them visiting I was given more morphine and there was a visit from the consultant. With great difficulty I managed to get to the bathroom in a wheelchair.

Sunday 9 January

No morphine today, just more painkillers and a cocktail of other drugs. I could only get to the toilet in a wheelchair.

Monday 10 January

I actually felt a bit better this morning and after a sit-down shower I was given two walking sticks and managed to walk the short distance back to the ward. The hospital was obviously short of beds and later that day the ward sister said I could return home. I was supplied with a vast quantity of anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and various painkillers and taken home in the hospital taxi. Pam said later that when I arrived home I looked about a hundred and she had never seen me look so ill.

Tuesday 11 > Thursday 20 January

The next nine days were something of a blur. I was determined not to go back into hospital despite the continued excruciating pain. I was unable to walk after the morning of Tuesday 11th for several days.

For most of that time I lay on a mattress on the floor in the front room. I couldn’t even feed myself. I should probably have been in hospital but since there seemed little that they could do for me, except give me medication, I decided I was better off in my own home. For quite a few days I was virtually comatose. A combination of amitriptyline, diazepam, diclofenac and tramadol plus copious quantities of paracetomol and codeine dulled the pain, but clearly were not actually dealing with the underlying cause.

At one point I was told by an on-call doctor that there was nothing more they could do for the pain short of rendering me unconscious. ENTER ANDY
During one of my more lucid moments, I remembered having seen a notice in the Pride Gym about the Bowen Technique.

By this stage both Pam and I were desperate and it was in desperation that I phoned Andy at the gym, explained the situation and asked if he could do anything to help. Without hesitation he replied that he would come round within the hour and see what he could do.

My dependency on medication was about to shift to a dependency on the Bowen Technique and Andy’s frequent and regular visits.

For anyone who doesn’t know Andy, let me say he is known as ‘the big fella’; his cup at the gym has those very apt words printed on it. A former body-builder, let us just say he is not someone whose face you would kick sand into on the beach.

Despite his strength and size, he is however incredibly gentle both in manner and voice. From the moment he entered the room where I was lying prostrate on the floor, I immediately felt calmer. I had been through ten days of agony and I needed to believe someone could help me.

He could; he would and he did.

At the time of Andy’s first visit on 12 January, I didn’t realize how shocked he was by my condition. He was to tell me later that he had almost suggested to Pam that they send for an ambulance there and then. He decided though to see what pain relief he could bring about and gently began the treatment.

I was too far removed mentally from my actual physical state to know what he was doing, but I do recall there were short sessions of treatment followed by periods of calm and quiet. Whatever it was that he did even on this first visit, it did indeed have an effect and before he left I was already asleep.

He returned a few hours later and I was still asleep. He continued to call on almost a daily basis and progress was made. Unfortunately, one evening when in a deep sleep I had a particularly unpleasant nightmare which caused me - to jerk violently and the excruciating pain returned. The doctor was called and further medication given:- increased doses of diazepam and tramadol, but to no avail.

By the early hours of Thursday 20th I was screaming in agony and an ambulance had to be called. I was given morphine which had little effect and with great difficulty I was placed in the ambulance. With sirens blaring and lights flashing, I was off again to A&E. I will gloss over what happened there except to say that the offer of a bed was made and then withdrawn and I was told that as there was little they could do as it would take time then all they could suggest was to return home and continue with the medication.

I was given two crutches and managed to hobble to my son’s car for the journey back to Kendal.

By Friday 21 January the NHS had basically supplied large doses of painkillers and antidepressants to relax the muscles but I was no better and pain almost unbearable. I had only Andy now to rely on.

Saturday 22 January

Andy called in the evening on his way back from Carlisle and carried out further treatment. I was trying to cut down on medication and Andy’s relaxation methods were starting to take effect.

Monday > Tuesday

After a difficult night I decided to try and step outside the front door and despite the pain managed to do so. Andy came at 6.30 pm and after he left I was able to sit on a chair long enough to watch University Challenge (a favourite programme). That night I alternated between sleeping on the floor and the spare bed. The following morning I was determined to walk outside and managed the 25 yards to the dustbins.

Wednesday 26 January

A very bad night last night as the pain moved from my back down my right leg to my knee.

Thursday 27 January

Andy came in the morning and when he left I was in less pain. At last I felt I was making real progress and with Pam’s help and the crutches managed to walk to Burneside Road. Felt really optimistic but in the late evening the pain in my knee became excruciating.

Friday 28 January

The sun was shining this morning and after a better night I was determined to get to Costa Coffee. When I got there I felt I had really achieved something special (better than completing the 40 miles Keswick to Barrow). Psychologically this was a massive step and it was wonderful to sit there reading the paper whilst Pam did the shopping. Andy called later and stepped up the treatment.

Monday 31 January

Feeling considerably better today and Pam able to visit friend in Barrow. After she left I was determined to try to walk to town on my own. I managed it. In the afternoon Andy called for quite a lengthy session and I was in great spirits when Pam returned home.

Tuesday 1 February

Another milestone today – managed to get in the car and Pam drove us to Morrison’s.

Wednesday 2 February

Great progress and was able to have a proper shower for the first time (with the aid of a small stepstool to climb into the bath). Whatever the Bowen Technique is it is certainly working.

Thursday 3 February

For the first time this year I went back to Pride Gym (though this time for treatment). As I was able to get on the bench, Andy was able to give me a much more intensive session and when he had finished I started to walk out of the treatment room without my crutches.

Friday 4 February

A much better night and we even managed to walk to the Wakefield Arms for my first alcoholic drink in 5 weeks.

Sunday 6 February

Was walking past Pride Gym this afternoon and saw Andy who told me I was probably ready to go on the treadmill – wonderful news. Four weeks ago I thought I would never walk again but thanks to the Bowen Technique and Andy’s skill I am almost back to normal.

Monday 7 February

Intensive treatment with Andy at the gym.

Tuesday 8 February

Drove the car today for the first time in 6 weeks as far as Ambleside for a coffee at Esquires. Later managed 3 miles on the treadmill.

Thursday 10 February

Pam and I walked to K Village today and back, took my walking stick but just carried it.

Friday 11 February

Have decided I no longer need the use of the walking stick. Andy is now concentrating on my knee as that is where the main problem is, though he has explained that the source of the problem is still my back.

Postscript: From the middle of February, some 6 weeks after the problem first began, there has been sustained and significant progress as a result of Andy’s treatment. It is certainly no exaggeration to say that without having experienced the benefits of the Bowen Technique I would not be in the position I am now in and once again back on form (almost) with my running and exercise programmes.

Thank you Andy and Bowen!