Holistic Care

As a Bowen Technique practitioner I treat my clients in a totally holistic way, but what do I mean when I use the word holistic, the dictionary definition is below, but it doesn’t really explain what I do or how I do it.



Dealing with or treating the whole of something or someone and not just a part:

“My doctor takes a holistic approach to disease.”

What makes my approach different is that as a gym owner and instructor with over 30 years of experience before I became a Bowen practitioner, I now look at the person I am treating in a whole different way.


When a client first comes to see me it is so important to spend some time and understand what their history is, not only with the current problem but any previous injuries or issues.  How they run their lives, the work they do and the sport they play/played and general activities and hobbies, not to mention the stress and anxiety associated with modern life.

Whether it’s a high end athlete on the tour circuit or Daisy from the Garage or Dave from number 23, we all have our injuries and imbalances to deal with.

My role as a practitioner is to find and connect the dots in some instances, a new (acute) trauma injury is relatively easy to deal with as there are no unknowns.

An old or long term (chronic) injury can be a lot more complex to treat, there can be a lot of layers of information to go through, sometimes you end up going back years to find the true starting point or catalyst.  You can think of this as an injury or event that happened months or years earlier that has manifested itself into the pain, injury or problem you have now.

A shoulder injury that now presents as a back pain or psychological trauma that now manifests itself as anxiety or depression.

A trauma type injury (pain) that eventually manifests itself as a psychological problem or vice versa, it really can happen that way!

All of the above can alter or influence the Biotensegrity of the human body and those affects can be profound.